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A number of my family members have been involved in Art in one form or another.   My mother finally started taking art classes after I had moved away from home. She became rather well known in the art circles of the Dallas area where she would teach classes in the community center to youth and senior citizens.  My wife has been more of crafts person but took drawing and design classes from me at NSCC.   My son, Mike, and Cheryl's son, Marc, also took classes from me at NSCC. They've both gone off to California to form their own art careers. I never met my grandfather who died about when I was born. He has, however, cast a shadow that made the art career choice possible.  Carroll Collier, a distant cousin worked for my grandfather briefly. 

 My mother, Violet, with her father, Forrest Kirkland, out on a painting excursion about 1922.

Cheryl's hands
Cheryl Christenson (wife)
Violet Christenson (mother)

Michael Christenson (son)
Marc Thyng (stepson)

Forrest Kirkland (grandfather)

Carroll Collier(cousin)


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