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Salvador, Brazil


"Women of Salvador" ©2001 photo Elroy Christenson

Salvador was a capital of the country of Brazil. It was a major center of sugarcane plantations and these plantation had to have a lot of laborers and so the Portuguese settlers imported a lot of slaves. Slavery was not eliminated in Brazil until 1888, 25 years after it had been banned in the USA and 80 years after it had been banned in England. In Salvador the dominate population is African by 80%, other areas of Brazil are more European. The most important slave revolts of Brazil between 1806 and 1835 were in the state of Bahia. The progeny of the slaves have developed an African culture here that rivals the beliefs and practises of their African roots. The city of Salvador is amazingly prosperous and well managed when compared with many of the other countries we visited. The Salvador music and Mardi Gras festival are renowned world wide.

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