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Vancouver, Canada


"S. S. Universe Explorer at dock", 2001 Elroy Christenson

In the Fall of 2001 we (myself, Cheryl and her daughter, Kristen) sailed on the S. S. Universe Explorer while I was an art instructor for Semester at Sea. Our voyage began in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This counted for some as their first foreign country. The days prior to departure were filled full of meetings and settling in activities including trying to create a workspace for a computer and store all my art supplies in a very small space. Much time and energy was devoted to trying to remember people's names and activities.  After going through heavy seas off the Aleutian Islands we were two days out of Kobe, Japan on September 11th.  This changed everything.  Many pictures in my travel pages come from this three month voyage around the world which almost ended on this day.  Fortunately the organization changed our itinerary multiple times to avoid the dangerous situations we encountered.  This also allowed us unusual opportunities such as meeting with Fidel Castro in Cuba. 

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