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Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


"Tai O, a fishing village on Lantau Island" ©2001 photo Elroy Christenson

Tai O is one of the last remaining fishing villages on Lantau Island. The island was mostly noted for the Buddhist monastery which occupies nearly half of the island and contains the largest seated bronze Buddha in the world. The island was long isolated and only accessible by ferry. Tai O village fishermen still sun dry fish using very old traditional techniques but the old ways are quickly changing. Fishing has long been a dying craft here replaced by smuggling goods, including refrigerators and VCR's, up river to mainland China. In the 1990's the Hong Kong government decided to build a new airport and picked this area for development. Here it leveled an ajoining island, built a beautiful bridge with highway and rail connections and created one of the world's largest airports. The next change will come with Hong Kong Disneyland to be constructed at the opposite end of the island.

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