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House in Havana, Cuba

                remodel havana

"House under remodel in Havana" ©2001 Elroy Christenson

This house in Havana is off one of the main squares and has several supports in place as though it is the next project to get finished. The roof has light coming through visible from below and is so dilapidated that it seems unlikely that anyone could live here. You can see that the laundry indicates that it is occupied. This same building was on the cover of National Geographic about 10 years earlier in exactly the same condition of disrepair.  It seems the tenants are given a "living stipend" that is supposed to cover living expenses and up-keep money for their habitation.  From what we saw in Havana this stipend seems far too small and many buildings are in need of serious maintainence while others on the ocean side are just empty facades.  Water has to be delivered to some apartments in trucks while residents haul it up with five gallon buckets because the water lines have corroded and leak too badly to be used. 

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updated by Elroy Christenson 12/15/12