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The Avebury Circle, Great Britain
  Avebury panorama

"The Stone Circle of Avebury
", 2006 Elroy Christenson

The stone circle at is about a 1/4 mile across with these stones toward the center.  A village is actually built in the middle of the circle with a couple of churches and a bar.  It is a very bucolic place and one of my favorite spots to visit in all of England.  It is not a popular as Stonehenge, which is fairly nearby, and that is a good thing.   It probably operated for centuries in a similar way to Stonehenge as a gigantic solitial calendar and probably dates to the same era of about 2000 bce.  


I often believe that these stones should have names or least their own religious ceremony. This particular one I have photographed several different times in different years.  It always has the symbol of fecundity. 

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