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The Hill of Tara in County Meth, Ireland
  Hill of Tara 4
"Hill of Tara, Ireland
", ©2006 Elroy Christenson

The Hill of Tara (Irish: Cnoc na Teamhrach)  is one of the more important sites in all of Ireland.  It lies near the River Boyne and has historical interest that stretches back into Prehistoric eras.   It was probably used as a ceremonial hill from as early as 5000 bce.  It has demarkations that aligned for the solstice or the equinox very similar to Stonehenge in England.  It was also used as the site for the installation of the kings of ireland.  In most cultures the phallus stone is worshiped as a symbol of fertility.  It was said that this particular stone, called Lia Fáil, is known as the Stone of Destiny.  The hill is 648 ft high, which gives it a terrific view of the surrounding area.  There are many other important historical sites on the hill including the remains of a fort or two, several burial mounds, and a church. More recently it has been used as a site of national symbolism and unification. The plan to make a freeway at the foot of the hill has listed this as one of several world sites in danger of preservation. In early legend, "the stone would scream if a series of challenges were met by the would-be king. At his touch the stone would let out a screech that could be heard all over Ireland." My wife is running toward the phallus to feel if this is true. She didn't hear a screech but was impress by it's size. [Wikipedia 2014]

This is a composite panorama of some 12 digital images for at least a 200 degree view. 

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