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Cusco, Peru

Cusco women

"Women of Cusco, Peru" 2015 photo Elroy Christenson

Cusco is one of the great centers of Peruvian culture and the Inca Empire.  The steps on the church on which these women sit is the site of the ancient Inca "Sun Temple".   It seems very appropriate that these ladies are here even though it seems to be a tourist trap.  The ladies actually dress like this in their villages on a daily basis but the colors on their daily costumes may be a bit more sun bleached.  These women pose for photos and money, sometime with their child or a baby alpaca or lamb.  They are too cute to resist and probably make a decent living.  Since the economy here is has been in desperate straits for some years, the tourist industry is a major employer although mostly of independent arts and crafts sellers, photo posers, and independent tour guides.

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