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Dumfries, Scotland


"Auld Bridge on the Nith River, Dumfries, Scotland " photo by Elroy Christenson 1999

Dumfries is a Scottish town most known for its long connection with the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Burns lived, wrote poetry and died in Dumfries. He's the author of "Auld Ang Syne" and many other well known poems and is dubbed the Scottish National Poet. Dumfries as a town has many locations well marked for its part in the Robert Burns' life.

One of my favorites places here is the Globe Inn. Built in 1610 it is still serving ale and maintains a room in the inn that was used by Robert Burns. I made the unwitting mistake of sitting in his chair which automatically demands that the person has to recite a poem by Robert Burns or you have to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the tavern. This can be very expensive for those unprepared or of failing memory.

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