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Ularu, Australia


 "Ularu", ©1998 Elroy Christenson

Ularu, previously known as Ayer's Rock, has been given back its original Aboriginal name. Sitting in almost the center of Australia it seems more like the navel of the continent. It is certainly the spiritual center of the Aborigines culture. Although many come here to climb the rock, the Aborigines see this as sacrilegious. To them it is sort of like walking on their mother.

It is strange that so many people other than the Aborigines, including myself, will fly or drive over 1500 miles one way to visit a red rock. The color of the rock is more the color of a red brick in normal light but at sunrise and sunset it does take on an unbelievable glow. The color above has not been enhanced but the photo is a montage of two separate color slides that have been digitally put together.

A slightly larger version of this panorama is viewable here.

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updated by Elroy Christenson 12/15/12