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Hong Kong, China


"Hong Kong at Night" 2001 Elroy Christenson

This is one of the best views in town and we had it each evening from our pier near the Star Ferry in Kowloon. The 70 stories tall triangular building on the left is the Bank of China building designed by the American architect I. M. Pei and engineer Leslie Robertson. It used about 40 percent less steel than comparable skyscrapers. Nearby is the 43 storied external framed Hong Kong Bank by Norman Foster and the engineering firm of Ove Arup and Partners. This is truely an architect's paradise where anything is possible and money is no problem. Transportation from here was easy with subways and ferries only a short block away. Many miles were logged walking the miles of the multistoried shopping center that the ship unloaded into. Most of the ships passengers went further from home with several different tours to inland China's Guilin River, as well as, Xian and Beijing.

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